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CEC Accredited Solar Grid Connect Course
(5 Day - SouthWest Tafe)

The Grid Connect is a 5 day course (by SWTAFE) consisting of both theory and practical components. Successful completion of this course will allow application to the Clean Energy Council for a provisional Grid Connected Solar PV installers accreditation. Days 1 and 2 consist of Theory with a few small practicals to break up the theory and test application. Days 3, 4 and 5 consist mainly of practical exercises with a small amount of theory to reinforce the practical exercises.

This course provides training for electricians to gain the required skills to install Grid Connected PV Solar systems. Successful completion of the course meets the Clean Energy Council (CEC) UEE11 Accreditation pathway (UEERE4001) and will entitle licensed electricians to apply for the Grid Connect endorsement; Design and or Install of Grid Connected PV Systems ( The course is delivered through face to face practical and theory workshops. Competency is granted when all components of the course have been completed satisfactorily.

  • Presenter:

    Mr Peter Campbell - SouthWest Tafe

  • Time:

    8.00am - 4pm. Morning tea and lunch provided

  • Venue:

    Confirmed details as below

  • Training dates:

    Venue: Bridgewater
    Tue 4, Wed 5 Sept 2018 – Theory
    Tue 11, Wed 12, Thu 13 Sept 2018 – Practical

Course Details

Note; the course is 5 days in duration and students must complete all 5 days.

The workshops will be conducted over 2 sessions, the first being 2 days duration and the second being 3 days duration (5 days in total). The 2 sessions will be a minimum of a week apart (maybe longer depending on time tabling). Participants will therefore not be 'off the job' for large blocks of time. Students must attend all workshops.

The outline below is a brief overview of contents of each workshop, but may be subject to change.

DAY 1 & 2

Theory with practicals:

  • Explanation of CEC accreditation (Install)
  • Basic Safety
  • Solar Terminology
  • Tilt angles
  • Photovoltaic Modules
  • Terms
  • Types


  • Module characteristics
  • Basic Design Concepts
  • Rules of thumb for solar design
  • Basic electrical performance
  • Installation of panels/inverter/racking according to manufacturer’s specs
  • Regulatory bodies involved in the solar industry
  • Accreditation case studies
  • STC claims and calculations
  • Paper work required to connect the system to the Grid
  • Some basic fault finding and tips and tricks
  • Discussion on battery storage

DAY 3, 4 & 5

  • Practical Exercises with a small amount of theory
  • Complete System install and commission
  • Students will do at least 2 complete systems including all

Cost Options

Cost will be confirmed by SWTafe when enrolling.

Cost:  Approx $1,800.00

Middy's will register your interest for this course with our Partner trainer as a preliminary registration. The Partner trainer will then contact you directly to complete your registration and organise payment.